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    Bengbu Jixin Communication Machinery Co., Ltd.
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    • Product Category: Products Optical fiber cutter
    • product description:JX-550 one step blade rotary cutting knife characteristic:●A multifunction fixture, the blade can rotate automatically 26 times / circle, without knife adjustment, less steps, engineering works can be.●The first real step type high precision cutting knife cutting angle - an average of 0.5, performance index.

    • Fiber Cleaver for use:

      Please read the instructions carefully before using this one;

      2 Fiber Cleaver is a precision machinery, can not withstand strong impact, so as not to affect the cutter performance:

      1, fiber and fiber debris is very thin, and sharp cutting edge, to prevent the use of fiber debris from entering the skin, eyes, fiber debris collect using special containers;

      2, Do not directly touch the blade, and the maintenance and do not touch the blade;

      3, Do not cut or split to its oil, in need of repair, please contact the factory service department.

      一、Basic Specifications


      三、Operating Method

      1, hold the outer plate, push down the locking block to lift the rear end of the outer plate of the lock, open the outer plate. (Hold down the outer plate, locking block upward push to lock the outer plate), then slide the seat to the locked position inward.

      2, with stripping fiber fiber coating stripping pliers reserved bare fiber length of 30-40mm, with cotton wool dipped in alcohol or tissue wrap fiber, optical fiber and then wipe clean. Rub a cotton wool or tissue, do not use the same cotton wool or tissue to wipe second (Note: Please use a purity greater than 99% alcohol);

      3, the visual alignment of fiber coating edge cutter ruler (10-16cm) appropriate scale, left the fiber into the fiber guide groove straight bare fiber required pressure on the rubber mat;

      4 Close the fixture cover and press the outer plate, complete the cut;

      5, with his left hand while his right hand to open the clamp pinch fiber cover, carefully remove the chopped fiber end face, NOTE: Do not touch the clean fiber cross-section and its objects.

      6, troubleshooting, causes bad cut might be:

      A, fiber is not straight on the fiber-optic pressure pad;

      B, the blade height is too high ;

      C, the blade and the pressure pad dust and other foreign matter .


      1, daily cleaning , frequently with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol to clean the fiber portion of the upper and lower pressure pad rubber surface and the blade edge , especially when cutting ineffective shall promptly clean , fiber guide grooves also need to clean ; blade mouth location automatic cycle , no adjustment ;

      2 , the blade height adjustment

      A, the sliding seat pushed inward to the locked position , loosen the locking screw height .

      B, according to the need to adjust the height of the screw towards the desired height and tighten the screw a little locking screw clockwise to increase and counterclockwise to reduce .

      3 , prone to problems and adjustment

      A, continuously cutting the fiber , irregularity phenomenon, bevel and the like; Fully adjusted by the above method of cutting knife When this problem occurs , it may be caused by the blade is too low , adjust the blade height as described above.

      B, crack fiber , optical fiber end faces shadows , fiber angle ; The blade may be caused by excessive , lower the blade height as described above.

      C, the blade is low, the situation appeared large bevel edge is high ; This is mainly due to the fiber end face cracks , whether there is a shadow near the fiber end face observation may be occasional cracks surface orientation is not aligned with a microscope .

      4, blade replacement

      A, keeping the cover is open, remove the bottom cover and side cover;

      B, picked up the cutter and keep sliding seat slightly toward the inside in order to unscrew the fixing pin, remove the springs, gears, blades with tweezers, keeping nearly vertical cutter blade position to take in order to operate, forceps blade sides, gently lift the blade is removed;

      C, forceps new blade, the blade flat, grooved side facing the direction of the side cover, from a position just above the blade to the shaft into the blade falls into the hole axis, shall not touch the cutting edge knife, first gear when placing the gear falls into the shaft hole, and then slightly rotate the gear side gear boss Snap long blade slot;

      D, the spring is placed on the gear shaft by a spring fixing pin, the locking pin is fixed;

      E, install the bottom cover and the side cover.

      *When using forceps, tweezers, do not touch the blade, so as not to affect the cutting performance.

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