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    Bengbu Jixin Communication Machinery Co., Ltd.
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    • Product Category: Products Fiber thermal stripping pliers
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    • JX-230 Manual Fiber Stripper Manual

      ADDRESS:Bengbu, Anhui Province Huangshan Road, Building 8, No. 8318



      Company Website:http://www.www.ahmgh.com

      Product name :(Manual Fiber Stripper)(for example Figure 1)

      model: JX-230/22 Important safety precautions

      This product has been designed and manufactured to assure personal safety.Improper use can result in bodily injury and serious damage to the jacket remover,please read and observe all warnings instructions given in this operation manual.

      The meaning of warning signs,this product has the following signs,please carefully read and understand the contents.

      Logo graphic mean.

      Note that the natation cantains darger ,warning means.the instructions on the product and the graphical representation of the general’s attention,danger,warning means.

      *please read carefully befor use warnings and precautions


      Thank you very much for purchasing the forst use of the campany JX-201 heating manual fiber stripper. The product with compact and lightweight design, easy to use and reliable. It works by Vertical stripping, the force is small and stripping quality is high. The blade is durable and easy to replace. The Fiber Hot Jaket Remover uses linear bearing guide and hot stripping methods, to ensure no damage to the fiber, easy and fast to strip coating. This product is also available with fiber stripping and window stripping the overall functionality.Before using the product,read this manual carefully in its entirety to fully understand product capabilities.Save this manual in a location in which you can easily get to see .

      2、Basic introduction to the product

      ◆Product specifications and main technical parameters

      ◆Fiber choice


      ◆Figure 2 shows the overall structure Figure

      2 ◆Function Keys: Function keys shown in Figure 3

      1、Power button For the product power on and off, that power: Press the "Power" button for 1 second or so to see the power indicator light on the release line; off: Press and hold "Power" button 1 seconds after the release, see the power light off on the line. If the machine for 5 minutes without operation, it will automatically shut down.

      2、Temperature key Temperature control for heating, the product control panel on the "temperature" button corresponding to the four panes from the bottom up followed by 70 ℃, 90 ℃, 110 ℃ and 130 ℃ were fourth gear temperature, red light represents the file successfully set temperature , power-on default temperature is 90 ℃, the control panel click on the "temperature" key in ascending order of temperature 20 ℃, when the temperature reaches 130 ℃, the click "temperature" button, the temperature has become 70 ℃, followed by cycles can be adjusted . Users can choose according to actual needs.

      3、Mode button The machine has two modes of work:

      1> Normal mode The model is piece after power has been to keep heating the heating state, can work, can shorten the heating time to wait until the power goes off

      2> Power-saving mode The model for the pressure-fiber cover is closed after heating, the pressure to stop the heating fiber cover is open. The default mode is powered on for the power-saving mode. Click the Mode button on the keyboard that can make the conversion between two modes.

      4、Heating indicator light: Heating status light is red when heated, said heating plate is heated, when the light turns green, the heat sink temperature has reached the set temperature, then you can peel fiber of. 5、Charging function: This machine has an automatic charging function, charge indicator (thermal stripping pliers tail) for the two-color LED display, when the power adapter is plugged in, the red light is displayed as it is charging, the battery is fully variable green display.

      4、Preparing the power supply

      Use the power adapter to convert DC12V power or directly using the built-in lithium battery-powered machines.

      5、Methods of operation

      1、Connect the power adapter to both ends of the AC220V power and thermal stripping Power Interface; 2、The optical fiber length according to user needs into the fixture stripping(Figure 4);

      3、The fixture will be installed into the fixture fiber mat(Figure 5);

      4、Open hot stripping power supply, that is press the power button for about 1 second until the power indicator light;

      5、The hot pressed fiber stripping device cover and turn left cover cover;

      6、Wait for the heat indicator that turns green to reach the preset temperature;

      7、Stripping fiber: Hold down the right hand part, left part of the uniform force will pull to the left; Special note: When a window needs to be done stripping, the part can not pull the clamp left in place, should remain 3-5mm coating layer is connected with fiber.

      8,left cover, followed by pressure-fiber cover open, remove the fixture and with the fiber, please do not forget to note that after stripping out each strip of the coating layer;

      9、Use a purity of more than 99% alcohol soaked gauze clean fiber direction of the arrow (Figure 6);

      10、Fiber top flick with your fingers, so that fiber does not overlap neatly arranged (Figure 7);

      11、Press "Power" button 1 seconds after the release, the power light is off, turn off and unplug the power adapter。

      ★Please do not re-used with gauze; Please be careful not to hurt your fingers fiber top。 Note: When not in use the machine more than five minutes or more, the unit will automatically turn off the heat stripping pliers power required to restart again using thermal stripping pliers power.


      ◆Daily cleaning To enable the normal functioning of this product, must be cleaned before and after maintenance, please use the 99% ethanol alcohol-soaked cotton swab cleaning blade, heating plate and rubber parts. Fixture and the host of the tank is cleaned the same way.

      ◆Blade replacement Blade is very sharp, the operation required more attention. Exchange to ensure safety, make sure that the host must be in the following states:

      1、Power off;

      2、Heating film is cooled state (after power is turned off, please wait 3 minutes or more)

      *Note: Please also replace the blade up and down, up and down the blade is no different

      ◆ATC procedures:

      1. Fixed blade with a hex wrench to loosen the screws, remove the blade up and down;

      2. Install the new blade on the lower part, the use of screws, and is not completely fixed state (Figure 8); 3. Install the new blade on the upper part, the use of screws, and is not completely fixed state (Figure 8)

      4. Slightly up and down the blade of the screw will tighten, keeping the blade can be moved around a very small margin; Please confirm whether the blade moves up and down the room

      5、Adjust the upper blade Closing pressure-fiber cover, and compaction pressure fiber cover and holder, with a hex wrench pressure above the top of the silk fiber cover (Figure 9) onto the blade up and down in place so that there is no gap (except knife) and tighten around the lower part of the fixed blade Tighten the screws, note the power evenly, the seamless alignment. Then tighten the screws around the upper part of the blade;

      6、By test-cutting steps, and then observe the effect of fiber stripping, to test whether adjusting the blade.

      ◆Battery Maintenance and Replacement:

      1) Battery Maintenance: When using the new battery, charging time should be kept to the previous 10 hours or more, until the battery is activated to achieve the best state, generally charging time is 3-4 hours; such as machine the battery unused for long periods remove and battery charge to 40% or more storage, and every six months for a sufficient amount of the battery charging time and battery in a dry and cool place to prolong battery life.

      2) Battery Replacement: The first battery replacement screws under the tail off, and then remove the battery cover and turn the old battery, then the new battery in the correct direction in the machine, and finally replace the battery cover and tighten the screws. Note Do not throw used batteries, please put professional recycling bin.

      7、Frequently Asked Questions

      Fiber coating stripping bad, mainly for the following reasons:

      (A) Cleaning is not complete Blade, heating plate and the rubber part on the residual slag coating, strip coating will lead to poor. Follow the [daily cleaning] the project again clean.

      (B) Blade does not cut into the coating

      1、As the blade properly adjusted can cause this situation. Please refer to [blade replacement] of the project, verify the correct installation of the blade, the blade whether there is loosening screws.

      2. Blade wear Even the location of the blade has been adjusted to the appropriate location, or place the issue of poor strip, it may be because the blades wear, please contact our service center. See back cover telephone service center page.

      3. Heating temperature did not reach the predetermined temperature may also happen. In the strip coating, please observe the state of the heating lamp.

      (C)Coating layer is difficult to strip, strip the coating easily broken.

      1. the coating material, ambient temperature and other factors, you can use the machine key to set the temperature of the heating temperature is more appropriate. Ambient temperature is generally low, raising the temperature of the heating film, can be more easily stripped;

      2, and the quality of the ribbon fiber itself, the poor quality of the optical fiber may also lead to peeling of the coating layer break.

      Thank you carefully read the complete instructions! Zhu Guigong Division flourishing!

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