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    Bengbu Jixin Communication Machinery Co., Ltd.
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    • Product Category: Products Fiber alignment device
    • product description:
    • JX-103 With Fiber Aligner Nanual

      ? Product name:With temporary fiber alignment

      ? Product model:JX-103

      ? Appearance referring to FIG

      ?Main features Power switch 圖 1 Appearance of figure

      1)The ribbon fiber docking accurate and reliable; JX-103 with fiber aligner tape core holder is positioned and fixed with fiber, using a precision ceramic V-groove butt ribbon fiber, the two optical fibers to be connected sequentially with a V groove butt coupling , to ensure accurate and reliable optical fiber butt. 2)The loss of low-butt: JX-103 with fiber aligner docking loss, the single fiber average loss of not more than 0.5db

      3)Small size, light weight, easy to carry

      ?The main technical indicators Applicable fiber: 8-fiber ribbon; cladding diameter: 125 Of core loss: the loss of a single fiber is not greater than 05db Operating temperature:- -10℃~40℃ Dimensions: 140mm×80mm×77mm Weight: 0.9kg

      ? Steps: 1) Prepare the light source, power meter, thermal stripping pliers, cutters, ribbon fiber with core fixture welding good jumper;

      2) Turn on the power meter and light source, to warm up for one hour or more;

      3) will end with fiber aligner activities to the maximum position; jig with fiber fixed in a suitable location;

      4) access to fiber jumper light source, the jumper with fiber end first into the jig fixed with fiber thermal stripping pliers to peel good with fiber, and then, together with the fixture together into fiber cutter to cut flat end face, and finally to the with fiber aligner left fixed, bare fiber into the V-groove, and then the pressure on the head pressure.

      5) the jumper end in accordance with the measured fiber left side of the order in turn inserted into the power meter, with a fiber end clamps with fiber first, then add the hot stripping pliers to peel good with fiber, and then, together with the fixture together into fiber cleaverwill cut flat end face, and finally put it with the right side of the fiber aligner fixed bare fiber into the V-groove, a drop in the middle of the V-groove matching liquid, then the pressure on the indenter;

      6) counter-clockwise rotation of the knob to move freely to make the V slot Fibre automatically docking activities end, and then observe the optical power meter, you can test the loss of the fiber under test parameters.

      ?Configuration Checklist

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