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    Communication equipment: information technology has become the public security recommended 4 shares
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    • Frequent terrorist attacks, the global anti-terrorism situation again straining: due to Brussels as the capital of Belgium, but also NATO and the EU headquarters location, we believe that the explosion for Europe and the global situation will produce a great impact, the degree will be less than the November 2015 Paris terrorist attacks. It can be predicted that the European security situation will once again tighten, the global anti-terrorism sentiment will continue to heat up.

      Network monitoring and data analysis becomes a weapon against terrorism, counter-terrorism experience of developed countries shows that monitoring network can be through the network data collection, data analysis and other means to identify crime information is an important role to prevent terrorist attacks. Therefore in Lebanon after the terrorist attacks, Britain and France and other government calls for the introduction of more strict regulations of Internet monitoring, expand the search range of sensitive information; and recent FBI for apple to seek to unlock the phone assistance, and does not hesitate to courtroom confrontation, once again shows importance of sensitive data communication in the anti terrorist action; on the other hand, cyberspace has become an important battleground in the fight against terrorism, national government is making every effort to prevent the development of terrorism spread. We believe that network monitoring, big data analysis and other information technology is becoming an effective means of safeguarding national public security, the development of related industries concern.

      Overseas emergency events occur frequently, highlights the importance of cluster network network: recent overseas terrorist attack incidents occur frequently, highlighting the significant value of network of the network in the field of emergency safety. Specifically: 1, to provide different operators of mobile phone network, network communication cluster on network stability, speech quality, speech communication means is the most suitable for public safety and emergency dispatch; 2, in the event of an emergency, a large number of mobile phone users at the same time, will be transient obstruction caused by network operators and even paralysis at the same time; the government will also consider the closed network operators, to prevent terrorist bombings and the implementation of remote sensing in communication with each other; at this time, only the formation of the independent private network network can ensure the smooth transmission of voice clear; 3, the European region of Holland, Britain and other countries of the TETRA network system most built in 2005 or so, from the perspective of life cycle design system see, most of these devices into the upgrade and replacement cycle, so as to form a huge market demand; while the country is in a rising stage from analog to digital technology, in The public security departments to promote domestic PDT network construction, is expected in 2016 entered a period of accelerated development.

      Investment advice: we believe that in the face of the increasing demands of counter-terrorism, governments will increase the investment of network monitoring, emergency communications, infrastructure, related industries leading will become an important force in the national public security guarantee. For the communications industry, it is recommended attention network in the area of sea can reach, Hagrid communication, Eastern Communications, and in the field of network and information security have leading strength of Fiberhome communications.

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