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    Electrical engineering knowledge: operation conditions of power system optical fiber communication equipment
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    • 1 optical fiber communication station must be equipped with the corresponding instruments, tools, spare parts, prepare export.

      2 optical fiber communication room should be in conformity with the requirements of the optical communication terminal equipment and environmental conditions, and as far as possible to maintain in the best working range of equipment.

      3 optical fiber communication equipment power supply must be stable and reliable, uninterrupted power supply set. When AC power is interrupted by the communication, the special battery group separate power supply time should conform to the DL/T544 relevant technical regulations "management regulations" of the electric power communication system.

      4 optical fiber communication room should be based on the actual situation of configuration of qualified anti-static measures (including spare parts). Lightning protection technology

      5 optical fiber communication room should comply with the Ministry requirements of the relevant provisions of the regulations, lightning protection technology.

      6 optical fiber communication terminal, the central station should be the implementation of the day and night.

      7 optical fiber communication station should have the following conditions, and by the competent authorities for approval before the implementation of no one on duty:

      A. optical fiber communication circuit is stable, redundant configuration, and can reliably automatically switch;

      B. power supply is reliable, uninterruptible power system;

      C. roundabout circuit is reliable, not because of the equipment failure and the impact of membership information transmission;

      D. optical fiber communication circuit configuration monitoring system and service channel, the fault information can be timely sent to the optical communication terminal or optical communication center;

      E. optical communication terminal or optical communication center station should ensure the communication maintenance vehicles, equipped with skilled maintenance personnel rushed to the scene, in a specified time and the necessary instruments and equipment dish, spare parts.

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