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    How to maintain the optical fiber digital communication equipment
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    • News on December 24, according to the "Silicon Valley" magazine 2012 19 of the periodical literature, mainly of digital optical fiber equipment maintenance features, equipment maintenance and equipment maintenance are briefly introduced, which can makes the hope of the digital optical fiber communication system for understanding the employees a certain understanding of the digital optical fiber communication equipment maintenance and maintenance.

      With the improvement of the social science and technology and the development of the information technology, people are getting more and more demands for the signal transmission. Some closely related activities, such as surfing the Internet or watching TV, all need to use the optical fiber as the main way of signal output.

      Optical fiber has an unparalleled advantage in the transmission of data and image signals and sound signals. Due to optical fiber communication itself with signal loss rate is low, transmission lines, the bandwidth is large, the information the same time to accept large capacity, small capacity of fiber materials, for the light weight, the high electromagnetic interference resistance, to resist crosstalk degree high, making the personage inside course of study for the importance of optical fiber communication technology is much higher than the previous other alternative materials, such as wire and so on. At the same time, it also causes the development of fiber optic transmission technology has become very rapid.

      Therefore, the maintenance of optical fiber digital communication equipment has become a hot issue in the current.

      1 Characteristics of optical fiber digital communication equipment

      The same as other communication equipments, communication equipment digital optical equipment and can not exist alone, but to the set of digital fiber optic equipment communication system are closely linked, at the same time, the device itself and whether it is normal state are mainly rely on to send the whole system and the flow of information to judge.

      Therefore, the maintenance of optical fiber digital communication equipment we often say is actually referring to digital optical fiber communication system for maintenance and maintenance, so that the optical fiber communication system can run normally.

      For optical fiber communication equipment now, all kinds of alarm sign is very perfect, including a large number of timely maintenance property notices and various types of maintenance delay properties notice. These kinds of signs for the optical communication network basically even complete coverage is not dead, any place of the whole system. There is a problem, maintenance personnel can through the device attached to the alarm signal and obtain detailed information: fault original cause, fault time, fault can affect the range and so on. This way for equipment maintenance is very convenient, the large amount of auxiliary information of fault guidance system can greatly simplify the repair process, to forget complex maintenance and inspection procedures are adequate decompression.

      But everything good will have disadvantages, due to the current scientific and technological content of science and technology in optical fiber signal transmission system is greatly increased, which also prompted the content of science and technology of digital optical fiber communication has greatly enhanced, which is the most important feature of digital optical fiber communication equipment corresponding equipment gradually evolved into high density and large integrated electronics high precision products, although the reliability of the products have a large area to improve, but the large scale integrated circuit when carrying out maintenance and maintenance faced difficulty is greatly increased, it is not only a test of expertise for maintenance personnel, or of a professional maintenance staff a test in the psychological quality.

      2 maintenance requirements of optical fiber digital communication equipment

      By all the people, in the new optical fiber transmission signal current we face the situation, repair and maintenance difficulty showing a rising trend.

      In view of this situation, in order to do the maintenance of digital optical signal transmission system and the maintenance work, the person in charge of the first requirement is that the related equipment and maintenance personnel to need to be responsible for the various types of equipment and supporting the instrument performance and function have a full grasp, to effectively on the operation of the digital optical fiber information transmission the principle of the system itself, the technical indicators and the meaning of the alarm function, means and the number of generated attention, when transferring data according to the corresponding and various waveform and so on, when to a certain part in the whole system failure, maintenance personnel can to evaluate the problems with the site quickly and decisively, and effectively excluded, so as to ensure the communication system Normal operation.

      Secondly, in the maintenance of the on-site system equipped with corresponding maintenance instrument and equipment, such as equipment for digital optical fiber special containing stable light source of the instrument optical power meter, various types of optical fiber fusion splicer, also in some of the important locations and conditions should also equipped with the such as optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR equipment, or general compatible operating equipment and digital communication equipment, such as oscilloscope, million meter or bit error tester and so on.

      3 digital fiber communication equipment maintenance content

      Optical fiber digital communication equipment of maintenance content generally has two aspects of content. The first is on digital optical fiber communication equipment periodic survey and debugging, followed by digital optical fiber system of all kinds of fault handling.

      3.1 digital optical fiber communication equipment

      According to the central idea of the traditional communication equipment maintenance and maintenance method, and give full consideration to the digital optical devices and other digital communication equipment have different characteristics

      According to the traditional communications equipment maintenance center thought and maintenance method, taking full account of the characteristics of digital fiber optic equipment and other digital communication equipment, for digital optical fiber communication equipment signal system officially entered the stable working state, within in a long time, even does not exceed the prescribed equipment is valid, you can free processing of equipment.
      But for digital optical fiber communication equipment of the optical interface and the related data and indicators, and a variety of has may along with the change of the state and change the parameters of mastery is the need for anytime, anywhere, the full understanding and to regularly test, so that you can by detecting the light transmission lines in different external factors stimulate a variety of different forms of change, in order to be able to adjust measures to local conditions to take corresponding volume measures to improve or remedy. For example, in the process of sending light, the bias current situation of LD need to be observed at any time and place. It is to understand LD working condition of the most important one step, because through changes in the observed LD window, maintenance personnel can directly on the optical transmission circuit automatic power control circuit and automatic temperature control circuit operation of direct understanding, and on the whole system operation to record visually, based on maintenance personnel can also on LD work life and working state of the most direct and most fully research and control, in order to avoid some beyond the control of adverse reactions.
      In the light receiving them, testing personnel should according to a certain period of automatic gain control circuit for full voltage testing on a regular basis, because through changes in the parameters, maintenance personnel first to obtain detailed data about the optical receiver current work state from, to a full display of light work state of the digital optical fiber communication system.
      For digital optical fiber communication equipment, regular testing of the working power supply is necessary, because source safety performance will directly affect the running state of the package of digital optical fiber communication equipment, if part of the power failure is ignored or had been hastily maintenance trouble, so will cause a direct consequence is due to voltage instability directly burned digital optical fiber communication system. Or a part of the parts caused by the failure of the electronic pulse.
      For the digital fiber optic equipment, testing personnel through the to test for identification of various types to obtain various types of data of complete set of equipment for detailed and complete analysis. According to the analysis of the set of digital optical fiber communication equipment in normal operation, the potential for various types of problems which can be.
      If in the detection problem can be found and the accumulation of the problem to endanger the whole system run before to deal with the problem nipped in the bud, for the maintenance personnel is in disguise to reduce the workload, making the whole system can keep a good condition for a long time.
      But if you want to achieve such a purpose, which the basic work of professional maintenance staff proposed higher requirements, maintenance personnel not only to the mode of operation of the whole system has a deep understanding, should also have certain operating experience makes the whole system maintenance efficiency is improved, and can be found as soon as possible problems.
      For the current digital optical fiber communication system detection mode, full use of the manpower and experience the frequency of monitoring has been greatly reduced, generally speaking, the operator of maintenance are using microcomputer operating system under the control of microcomputer maintenance work, there are a lot of time for operation and maintenance personnel also use personal portable terminal maintenance system tools to monitor. This not only greatly reduces the consumption of manpower, but also makes the efficiency of the operation greatly improved, greatly saving the long-term cycle detection of human and material resources to be consumed.
      Also because the computer is involved in the whole set of detection, the digital optical fiber communication system at any time detection so as to produce the data report and adjustment of parameters etc. can be easily printed out from each terminal, which for detection and maintenance personnel are key targets detection and some well-known region of sampling detection provides a corresponding sample.
      3.2 fault maintenance of digital optical fiber communication system
      Fault alarm setting method of digital optical fiber system is divided into the system, which is responsible for the upstream, downstream is responsible for downstream, but at the same time downstream of the fault alarm range also includes the entire upstream.
      So when the fault occurs, the first consideration of the problem is to detect the fault of the upper reaches of the fault. This is a way to save a lot of cost and energy.
      At the same time we should according to the size of the impact of the size of the fault location, for example, we can use the system partition method, the direction of the system or the system loop method of fault location.
      At the same time, maintenance personnel should also be clear about the current system monitoring state, and the state does not meet the test method can not be determined, to prevent accidents.
      4 conclusions
      With the popularization of digital fiber communication equipment, maintenance of the line has become a need to pay attention to the topic. When maintenance personnel maintenance needs according to the actual situation,In combination with the characteristics of digital optical fiber communication system maintenance, at the same time to make full use of various types of monitoring equipment, as far as possible in reducing human consumption under the premise of the equipment to carry out more quality testing and maintenance.

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