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    Causes of failure of optical fiber head end connection
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    • Possible causes of the failure of the connection include:

      1. pollution

      2..fiber fragmentation

      3. bad cutting or breaking of optical fiber

      4. pre polishing optical fiber and cutting the fiber splice gap is too large

      5. over biased optical fiber cutting angle.

      Fault location: pollution

      The possible reasons for the pollution of optical fiber connector are:

      The use of contaminated cutting tools (wiping tool surface by anhydrous alcohol);

      The complete cut again after wiping the fiber (never wipe fiber after being cut);

      I will connect the head or the fiber in the dusty surface In the dusty environment;

      It is inserted into the optical fiber has been broken, excessive force;

      It should be noted that if the contamination is brought into the optical fiber connector, especially after contact with the gel, it will be difficult to be removed, which means that the end of the fiber connector is scrapped.

      Fault location: fiber fragmentation

      It may cause the fiber fragmentation:

      The insertion of excessive force produced fiber debris pollution;

      It is inserted into the optical fiber has been broken due to fragmentation ] embedded fiber fragmentation will lead to the optical gap and the optical breakdown and embedded optical fiber fragmentation is very difficult to be cleared out and the optical fiber connector will be scrapped.

      Fault location: bad cutting or breaking of optical fiber

      The reasons for bad or broken fiber:

      The blunt or rupture of the cutting blade - normal cutting fiber;

      The cutting tool on the bending of the tongue scale applied bending force excessive concentration on optical fiber;

      The fiber bending bending radius is too much or too tight;

      I did not force or force in cutting;

      When no debris is produced or not contaminated, this failure allows the fiber optic connection head to be re cut and connected again.

      Fault location: the preset grinding and cutting of the fiber optic fiber splicing gap is too large

      By connecting the large gap of reasons:

      The fiber cutting length is too short;

      The fiber is not fully imported, or terminated by the pull back;

      In the outdoor cable joint when the fiber is pushed back into a protective sleeve;

      We have a large gap fiber are only allowed to correct.

      Fault location: over biased optical fiber cutting

      In the continuous scene, the cutting angle is too difficult to be detected.

      The factors that lead to the angle of cutting are too:

      The cutting tool on the tongue bending bending force is applied too much concentrated on optical fiber;

      The fiber bending bending radius is too large or too tight;

      I did not force or force in cutting After the general optical fiber cutting, the typical cutting angle is 1-3 degree, the use of precision optical fiber cutting knife;

      Through the introduction of the above, it is not difficult to see non polished fiber field connection for the succeeding process and operation technology of sensitive, non grinding field termination technology the key lies in the installation personnel must maintain the unity of the cutting and end connection technology, and for the installation process is controlled and avoid rework, in stead of always through detection (such as visible light detection) to establish in the termination process of confidence, reduce connecting the risk of failure.

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